Q: Who’s shipping this stuff?
A: Colt and only Colt

Q: Come on, it can’t be Colt shipping his own merch, can it?
A: YUP! DIY… Colt is packaging and shipping all the merch by himself

Q: How long will my package take!!!!
A: Colt does weekly runs to the post office, sometimes daily. If you’re one of those people and NEED an answer, let’s say 3 to 4 weeks. Sometimes Colt travels the world and will be gone for a week or a long weekend. The reality is though; you’ll probably get it in 7 to 10 days. Usually Sooner! If you live outside the US, please…. just be a little more patient.

Q: Will you sign and/or personalize any of my items?
A: YES! YES! Of course. In the “Instructions” part of your PayPal order, just write what you would like signed and who you’d like it signed to.

Q: Something went wrong with my order, what do I do?
A: Send Colt and email, ColtWrestling@gmail.com.  He’ll make sure you’re happy (and by “he’ll”, i mean me. Let’s be honest, I’m writing this thing).